Episode 35

Harry Howe: Our Wise Indianapolis Business Mentor Who Is Developing Grit in Entrepreneurs


August 29th, 2018

53 mins 34 secs

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On this episode, we interview Harry Howe. Harry has mentored hundreds of young people, entrepreneurs, and businesses in the community. As soon as you meet him, you'll understand why. We wanted to put the spotlight on Harry as a thank-you for all he's done for us and to find out more about his story. We discuss his military service, his education at Bucknell University, his corporate career at General Electric, and what brought he and his family to Indianapolis.

Harry is now launching a community to spread his influence and wisdom, the Indy Grit Community. Indy Grit was created to embrace the messy reality of entrepreneurship and professional development. It's not a networking event, it's a community of peers that will share the truth of their failures and how they were overcome with grit, a character asset that every entrepreneur must muster.

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  • Indy Grit Community — Participating in the Indy Grit community means sharing your struggles, failures, and challenges. Our events focus on speakers who are willing to be transparent about their ups and downs, and group discussion where we encourage and lift up one another.
  • Howe Leadership — Howe Leadership is predicated on the observation that entrepreneurs too often fail to achieve their dreams because they desire to improve their results without a commensurate change in their thinking and their actions.