Episode 36

Author and CIO Jeffrey Ton: How IT Leadership Has Evolved


September 10th, 2018

46 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, we interview Jeffrey Ton, a Hoosier native who has worked in IT for over 35 years. Jeff has written hundreds of blog posts about technology and technology leadership and most recently published his first book, Amplify Your Value: Leading IT with Strategic Vision. His articles have appeared on Forbes, CSO Online, People Development Magazine, Intel’s IT Peer Network, and his own blog, Rivers of Thought.

Throughout his career in business, Jeff has developed and fine tuned his leadership skills to become a business focused leader who drives results. He brings a strategic view of business and identifies innovative approaches to achieve business objectives by leveraging technology where and when appropriate. Adept at building and leading teams, both in-line and cross-organizational, he has been a catalyst for change across the businesses he has served.

In this discussion, we speak about the evolution of the IT industry, its products and services. Jeff's insight into the business is incredible. Regionally, he's also launched the Indy CIO Network that holds monthly lunch and dinners with over 250 CIOs in attendence.

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Episode Links

  • Amplify Your Value: Leading IT with Strategic Vision — Are you tired of being treated like an afterthought? Discover the step-by-step methods to put your IT department front and center in the minds of senior management.
  • Rivers of Thought — With Rivers of Thought, Jeff started out to write a technology blog, after all, it is where he has dedicated his entire career and shouldn’t every CIO write a technology blog? However, as Ton looked around the internet at technology blogs, they were all about, well, technology. “Yes”, he thought to himself, “I am passionate about technology, but not the latest gadget or hype-cycle. I am passionate about the way technology can be leveraged by businesses to help them do what they do better.”
  • Zionsville Century Club — The Century Club is group of men who are interested in supporting our local community in the greater Zionsville and Indianapolis area. We come from all walks of life and varying financial backgrounds. As individuals it is challenging to make a meaningful impact in our community, but as a group we have the ability to contribute to the growth of our community in ways that we never thought possible!
  • Indy Irish Fest — The Indianapolis Irish Festival is in its 23rd year. The festival is an opportunity to share Irish heritage through music, dance, cultural activities, and family fun. The festival was the vision of a small group of people who wanted to showcase the heritage, music and culture of the Irish people and the contributions of that culture to our city and state. The Irish are the second largest ethnic group to settle in the Indianapolis area. They have served the community in the fields of religion, education, medicine, law, the arts, politics and commerce.