Episode 21

Corporate Security: HIPAA Compliance and Ransomware


January 30th, 2018

55 mins 5 secs

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Security in business is essential these days. With the recent outbreak of ransomware at various local medical facilities you should be downright terrified of the potential for a data breach. Indianapolis is the home of many technologists, and we bring two security experts to the table for a fascinating interview on corporate security. Mike has a background in assisting small to medium-size medical businesses get HIPAA compliant. Mark has an extensive background in large enterprises and has been the go-to for many companies that have been attacked. Listen to Mark and Mike talk about ways to protect your company's data and how you should approach your business' IT Security policy.

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Episode Links

  • Indiana Security & Privacy Network (INSPN) — The Indiana Security & Privacy Network (INSPN) is a volunteer, non-profit organization with a healthcare industry base for organizations, individuals and other parties who are interested in security, privacy and data exchange best practices and how it affects their operations. The objective of the group is to support collaboration and the sharing of information and knowledge of best practices and regulatory compliance issues that affect all Indiana industries.
  • Boland Enterprises — Boland allows mission-critical systems to remain operational with limited disruption and designed "failover" of total data protection and business continuity. For over 30 years we’ve helped clients support complex scenarios that address not only IT systems, but also things like personnel changes, supply challenges, malware and other risk management issues.
  • The Sterlyn Group — The Sterlyn Group is the premier information security provider in the Midwest. With over 40 years combined experience, our security professionals are the best in the business.