Episode 20

Startup Challenges... with The Indy Startup Challenge


January 14th, 2018

1 hr 7 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

The mission of The Indy Startup Challenge is to teach Indiana founders how to practice the best in class startup methodologies that are now commonplace in many startup hubs throughout the country in order to create a wave of lasting startups throughout Indiana.

In this episode, we speak to Stephanie Corliss and Thor Wood, co-founders of Snapshyft and Diana Morris, founder of Ladybug Collaborative. These are both startup companies that are building platforms for their respective industries. Joe Albano joins us in discussing the challenges of startups, from development, to funding, to growth.

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Episode Links

  • Snapshyft — SnapShyft is a “gig-economy” mobile platform connecting food & beverage establishments with available qualified service industry professionals anywhere, anytime, on-demand. With secure transactions handled within the app, SnapShyft provides establishments the simple cost-effective solution to being understaffed and the ability to combat turnover successfully.
  • The Indy Startup Challenge — The Indy Startup Challenge is a 10-week startup bootcamp designed to guide potential founders and their teams through the process of building and validating a sustainable business model based on their idea. Using the principles found in Steve Blanks “Lean Launchpad”, which were popularized by Eric Reis’ Lean Startup book, participants in the Indy Startup Challenge will be provided with the tools, mentoring and other valuable business resources in order to build a sustainable and validated business model.
  • My Financial Zen — We believe that being equipped with real-time data and information will help you build a solid financial foundation for your own unique journey. Our financial tracker is the only mobile solution that captures your commitments in one place, aligns them to your goals and coaches you each step of the way.