Episode 13

Meet Art to Remember, A Hoosier Fundraising Business That's Saving Art Classes


November 7th, 2017

33 mins 35 secs

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Not too many people realize that we have one of the nation's best fundraising companies here in Indianapolis, Art to Remember. Art classes are the first budget cut and teachers often are buying supplies out of their own pocket to keep supplies in the classroom.

While schools have a ton of fundraisers, few are as successful, easy, and fun as Art to Remember. Art teachers receive the supplies to build a project in their classroom, then send the artwork to Art to Remember. Art to Remember scans and places the artwork on any number of over 40 items purchased by friends and families of the students. A portion of the sales is returned to the school!

The result are happy parents, happy students, and a happy school! It's the perfect program for any school.

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  • Art to Remember — Art to Remember is an art fundraising company that helps school art programs raise money for their classrooms. Low time commitment and step-by-step aid from our friendly customer service team make this school fundraiser one that you and your parents will want to do year after year.