Episode 10

Women-Owned Businesses Serving Their Community


October 30th, 2017

58 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

Does your work inspire you? Does it serve others? Are you changing the world around you? Today, we speak with three female entrepreneurs that left corporate life and the stability of a great paycheck to pursue their passions.

We have an amazing conversation with 3 female business owners who have created businesses serving their community. The founders of JenDaisy Boutique, Indiana Originals, and Fatherless Daughters are an inspiration - and we interview them here in Off the Circle.

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Episode Links

  • Indiana Originals — Indiana Original's mission is to create healthier, stronger communities and more jobs in Indiana by encouraging and facilitating a greater use of local, Indiana original businesses.
  • JenDaisy Boutique — JenDaisy is unlike other boutiques. Where other boutiques leave you feeling pressured to buy, JenDaisy's number one goal is to make sure you've found the best look for you- and that you had fun during your time with us. You can order online, over the phone, or by visiting our boutique!
  • Fatherless Daughters — Fatherless Daughters is a community of women from all over the globe that understand and share the grief of losing a father. They are a strong, loving, supportive, amazing group of women who communicate, meet and share through social media and their online forum. Members have made lifelong friendships, written and spoken with the most amazing women through their shared experiences and love of their fathers.