Episode 62

Julie Kratz: How Inclusive Leadership Leads to a Positive Workplace Culture and Better Business Results


December 3rd, 2020

40 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, we interview Julie Kratz. Julie is the founder and CEO of Next Pivot Point, an accomplished author, and public speaker. Julie is passionate about assisting business leaders focused on diversity and inclusion in the workplace to improve business results and workplace culture.

Julie is an amazing, positive force in the workplace for helping businesses understand how inclusive leadership transforms workplace culture and business results. Julie provides some incredible feedback for how we can listen, be curious, be willing to learn, and become allies in our industry and personal lives when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Julie also provides advice to candidates and employees on how to transfer and leverage their diverse talents to become more attractive to employers.

Listening to this discussion with Julie is a great way to start your journey. The next steps are to get Julie's incredible books here in the show notes!

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Episode Links

  • Next Pivot Point — Julie Kratz is a TEDx speaker, inclusive leadership trainer, executive coach, author, and founder of Next Pivot Point. Julie develops inclusive workplace cultures through allyship across gender, race, and all dimensions of diversity.
  • Lead Like an Ally: A Journey Through Corporate America with Proven Strategies to Facilitate Inclusion — This book explores the need for organizations to meet women where they are at, rather than encouraging women to be more like men, to build a culture that values gender equality, inclusion, and a genuine sense of belonging for everyone – leading together as allies.
  • One: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality — Our title ONE is a symbol of this inclusion, men and women together, united on gender challenges, for both men and women. To be true allies, we did our research and found a set of proven strategies, ideas, and stories for men and women to partner together – heart, story, speak, and work-life. When men and women leaders employ these strategies together, they work in lock step, facilitating success. When we use a common approach and common language, we become ONE.
  • Pivot Point: How to Build a Winning Career Game Plan for Mid-Career Women — The purpose of Pivot Point is to empower mid-career, high-potential women through building winning career game plans. Even with more women than men graduating from college and becoming middle managers, few make it to the C-suite or to corporate boards. The glass ceiling is still very much in place. In a series of interviews with mid-career, high-potential women, Julie Kratz discovered that women want more actionable tools to implement positive change. Thus, the idea was born.