Episode 54

Sky Outfitters: A Buy-One-Give-One Apparel Company Serving The Homeless


October 20th, 2019

31 mins 6 secs

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On this episode, we interview Keaton Hendricks, founder of Sky Outfitters. Sky Outfitters is an online e-commerce company headquartered in Indianapolis. Since inception in 2016, Sky Outfitters (formerly known as Sky Footwear) has partnered with over 30 different homeless shelters across the Midwest and donated over 30,000 socks as a component of its “buy-one-give-one” mission.

With every piece of apparel sold, the company donates that item to its homeless shelter of the month – August’s shelter being Milwaukee Rescue Mission. Launched in 2016, Sky Outfitters tripled its revenue in its first year – and in 2018, the company saw $127K in gross revenue – a number that is expected to steadily increase throughout the rest of 2019.

Expanding the company’s retail line, the company's rebranding coincides with the launch of two new apparel products found on homeless shelters’ most requested items list – premium beanies and scarves.

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  • Sky Outfitters — Every item you purchase has the potential to help make a difference. For each item you buy, Sky Outfitters will give one to our shelter of the month.