Episode 32

Leaf Software: Building the Right Culture the Right Way


June 29th, 2018

21 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode, we interview Mike Wilson, Chairman of Leaf Software Solutions. Leaf has been helping businesses reach their corporate goals since 1987. At its core, Leaf takes great satisfaction in being a principle-centered company. They believe in fairness, kindness, effectiveness, and significance. The four principles are deeply embedded in their corporate DNA. They expect that their customers, their employees, their vendors, and their community will benefit from the careful attention they give to living out their principles on a daily basis.

And it's working. Leaf Software is continuously leading the pack of the Best Places to Work in Indiana. Mike is not your conventional Chairman and doesn't even come from a technology background. Listen to his amazing story here and you'll get a clear sense of why the culture they've established at Leaf is one for every business to model.

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  • Leaf Software Solutions — Like most successful consulting firms, Leaf has a proven methodology for developing solutions. But unlike most of those companies, Leaf is nimble and agile. Leaf develops custom enterprise applications, develops MVP solutions, and also specializes in cloud migration and DevOps services.