Shannon Anderson

Special guest

Shannon Anderson is the Director of Communications for ECI and formerly for Sustainable Indiana 2016, our Bicentennial Legacy Project. Her academic background is in cell biology, with many years of laboratory research on fundamental mechanisms that direct the life cycle of an eukaryotic cell and how DNA compression is managed. Her political advocacy background includes being a field organizer for Obama for America in 2007-8 and working on many other election campaigns, be they for candidates or specific issues, in the Greater NYC Area. She moved to Indiana in 2013 and immediately became active in the Indiana Climate Collaboration, Indiana Moral Mondays where she served as the Chair of Legislative Action, and in Power Indy Forward.

"I joined ECI and SI2016 because, for me, it has always been about the environment: to take the message, information, and urgency of reducing our damaging impact on the planet to Hoosiers is exactly what I wake up wanting to do every day. I’m very lucky that I get to be a part of this project which is all about protecting this beautiful world for my child and yours."

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