Matt Hunckler

Special guest

Before founding Powderkeg, Matt had various roles at fast-growing companies including the pitch man, the Marketing Director, the VP of Product, and just about every other role right up to the CEO and founder. He started and bootstrapped companies (1 win, 1 loss), and scaled venture-backed businesses (2 wins, 1 loss). Matt loves helping founders "on the verge" level up on their skills and double down on themselves to cross the chasm to high-growth and profitability.

Today, Matt has established himself as a leader and entrepreneur that helps founders grow their tech companies, launch their products, generate more revenue, raise venture financing, and hire the right talent.

He interviews the world's biggest thought leaders in business, technology, sales and marketing, venture capital, leadership, and lifestyle design to dissect their success habits and share their stories with our growing community.

Matt is a regular contributor to Inc, Forbes, Huffington Post and several other industry blogs, and share entrepreneurial growth stories and startup lessons learned from founders around the world.

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