Anthony Barr

Special guest

About the Mobile Cyclist:

The Mobile Cyclist is an Internet TV series and media show designed to educate & entertain cyclists by experiencing and promoting cycling events, bike-friendly destinations and cycling experiences. Join host Anthony Barr as he travels the country exploring all the great places and ways to enjoy bicycling.

About Anthony:

Anthony Barr has always had a passion for movies and riding his bicycle. He loved exploring how people could enjoy bicycling no matter where they were or what type of bike they used. His curiosity and creativity led to showcasing the personal stories of fellow cyclists, the sights and sounds of places that make up the diverse cultures of cycling cities and the people who bring it to life. After a 20+ year career in the healthcare industry, Anthony decided to combine his passion and purpose to create the Mobile Cyclist.

Anthony Barr has been a guest on 1 episode.